Ink Forest is owned by Judy Mazzuca. Judy handles the day-to-day operations of Ink Forest. She is also a screen printer and often

prints in the shop. So when you call Ink Forest, you are able to speak to the owner, printer, manager and billing person, all at the

same time. Judy is personally involved in all aspects of every order to ensure quality and consistency. 

Ink Forest is a Women Owned business. Why does this matter? Most screen printing shops are either owned by men or Wall Street

investors and venture capitalists. These printers focus on production and profit rather than customers service and quality. Another

benefit of a Certified Women Owned business is Judy's concern for your heath and the environment. Which is why Ink Forest is a Green Certified business. There is more to owning a business than profit. Ink Forest believes in the connection between us, our clients and our shared futures. 

Call Judy now at (708) 369-7402

She will answer your call and if you have to leave a message she will 

call you back today!