Why does Ink Forest believe that sustainability matters?

 Because, it's the ethical and responsible way to print.

Ink Forest adheres to the four guidelines for a sustainable business:

1. The business incorporates principles of sustainability into each of it's business decisions;

From our inception Ink Forest's motto has been "If we couldn't print green we wouldn't print at all" Which is why we undergo the rigorous certification process through Green America to become a Green Certified Business. Ink Forest is the only Green Certified, Women Owned Screen Printing Business in America.

2. The business supplies environmentally friendly products or services that replaces demand for non-green products and/or services;

Ink Forest has aligned itself with other like minded businesses. We use ethical clothing suppliers that offer organic, Fair Labor, Fair Trade and Made In America, sweat shop free apparel and our inks are 100% vegan.

3.The business is greener that traditional competition;

Ink Forest is simply the Greenest and most Environmentally Friendly of any screen printer. Ink Forest prints with only water based inks and uses locally sourced soybean based solvents in our cleaning process.  Conventional screen printing inks contain PVC's and Phthalates which are not found in water based inks and water based inks do not need Benzene for clean up. Printing "green" keeps chemicals off of our shirts as well as Benzene out of the ground water. By locally sourcing most of our supplies we also keep a fairly small carbon footprint. This makes our printing safer and cleaner for the wearer as well as the environment.

4.The business has made enduring commitment to environmental principles in its business operations;

Ink Forest will continue to be re-certified as a Green Business every year. We will continue to print manually instead of using automatic presses. This will keep down the amount of electricity we use. Printing manually also allows us to keep a very close watch on quality control. We can see exactly how every shirt is printed which cuts down on waste.

Ink Forest holds itself to the highest standards of printing and our very satisfied clients do as well.




What You Wear Does Matter!