What You Wear Does Matter! 

Why does Ink Forest believe transparency matters? Because, it's the ethical and responsible way to print.

From the moment you contact us you are part of our team. From mock-up to shipping you have a say in everything. 

Ultimately these are your shirts and the decision as to how they look and feel is yours. We are here to help you with artwork and to help you decide what kind of shirt best fits your needs, for example, color, style, fair trade, organic cotton or triblend to name few.

When you've made your decisions as to the shirts and ink colors you will be using you will receive a written quote for your approval. Nothing will be printed until the quote and mock-ups are approved by you. Then you will receive your invoice and we start printing.


Ink Forest is registered with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This registration number means Ink Forest

meet or exceeds all safety standards for children's clothing. If you would like more information regarding CPSIA please use the link below.


In the interest of transparency, there is one thing Ink Forest will never do and that is Discharge Printing.

Discharge printing is the process that uses Chlorine Bleach and Formaldehyde to to remove the dye from the threads of the shirt. When this is done it creates a toxic Chlorine Gas which is poisonous to anyone in the shop. The shirt is then printed with water based inks and sold as "eco-friendly". They are not and this not the proper use of water based inks.​​