​ink forest

america's ONLY Women Owned 

Green Certified Screen printer.

 Ink forest prints exclusively with water based inks.

Ink Forest is your choice for Green, Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Sustainable screen printing.

All designs are printed with water based ink. These inks absorb into the fabric so the design becomes part of the shirt, not just melted on top. No harmful inks or chemicals are used. You can rest assured that your shirts are not harmful for you or the environment.

With Ink Forest, you no longer have to wonder if the shirts you are ordering contain hazardous inks or chemicals! We use the most sustainable inks and greenest production methods possible. Ink Forest is an industry leader in water based screen printing. 

You don't have to question whether the clothes were made in a sweatshop. We do the research and investigation and then provide the information to you. You are then able to make informed choices based on sustainability, quality and price.

With Ink Forest, you will:

  • Work with the only screen printer dedicated to using 100% water based inks in America,
  • Have high quality shirts that are durable as well,
  • Rest assured that no sweatshop labor was used in making the shirts,
  • Be able to choose from organic, Fair Trade and Fair Labor shirts,
  • Know that no hazardous chemicals were used, remain on the shirts or were dumped in the environment,
  • Know that the shirts were printed using the lowest carbon footprint possible,  
  • Pay an honest and fair price, on par with conventional screen printing,
  • Be using the only Women Owned, Green Certified screen printer in the Country,
  • Use a screen printer that is registered with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and that meets and exceeds all product safety standards,
  • Be able to get further information water based inks by reading Ink Forest's white paper in the link below, and
  • Be confident that you have made the right and ethical choice, consistent with your values.​​

What You Wear Does Matter!